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Photo Friday: In Motion






[photograph deleted: I didn't even SEE the little girl exposing herself in the background. Thank goodness I've been searching through my archives to shrink pictures!!] 


Technically, Surgical

Fil had her surgery yesterday. She woke up, and is currently sleeping in an upright position not 1 foot away from me.

Her tendon was not ripped, instead she had bone spurs and fractures which required bone shaving, reshaping and repairing. Her tendon was a little frayed, so they had to reinforce it with a supportive sheath.

She was hooked up to a pain pump that pumped 4 milligrams of mordicane (I think) into her surgery site every hour for 48 hours. About 2 hours ago, the pump hose started leaking out of her (due to inflammation) and causing her a lot of pain. So I called her doctor and his assistant told me to remove her bandages and make sure the hose hadn’t slipped out of her. I took it out, even though it was still inside of her, because the medicine was leaking out and not really doing anything for her bone pain. It was terrifying and I had to work very hard to keep calm and not have a panic attack. We had to have Beavis help keep her breathing and focus on the only thing she had control over.

She’s also hooked up to a cooler that circulates ice cold water through an ice pack that we keep attached over her shoulder at all times. I have to replace the ice every few hours and every time she needs to get up to pee, smoke, eat, I have to disconnect her from the hose and help her to wherever she needs to go.

Last night was almost literally hell. We have both gotten so used to falling asleep in the spooning position. We woke up every few hours to go to the bathroom, to take pain pills and to make sure everything was okay.

My parents came by at 11 today with A LOT of groceries for us, including a complete dinner for tonight (which was lasagna, fresh French beans, garlic bread and a dessert of chocolate pudding and cool whip, all made by me).  That honestly saved us, because I had no idea what I was going to do for dinner tonight.

This was definitely not a well written post, but I am really emotionally and physically drained at the moment. I know that Fil is going to wake up in an hour or so because  she needs her pain meds and I need to change the ice in her cooler. So I’m going to lay down and try and get a few hours in before she needs me.

Adoption and Names

Over at we are fambly I read something that made me shocked and incredibly excited. Second-parent adoption. While I know that Chicory is fighting to get those rights, I was sort of shocked to find out that Texas allows, at least on a county basis, same-sex, second-parent adoption. I don’t want to raise a flag of victory or die of excitement just yet…  but it’s a definite shimmer of hope. Being JT’s legal other parent would open up a world of new things. Also, Fil could adopt the children I will have. While we know it’ll end up being a long, drawn out process, I think we’re ready for that.

Fil has decided to do something remarkably sweet… she’s going to take my last name. I have a very deep connection to my name and I was planning on passing it to the rest of our children, while keeping the last name myself. But that really would make Fil and JT stand out amongst all of us. So she’s decided, and so has JT, to take my last name. I think that’ll show an incredible level of commitment to my parents and the rest of my family. Also, how touching is that. She’s taking on my last name because she understands the importance of it. I love her.

Anyhow, we’ve decided to tuck in for the last night before she has her surgery and watch a movie. Ugh… I’m so nervous.

I Give You…

A picture of my deliciously new little niece… who’s 1 month birthday is in 9 days!! You can almost smell that new baby smell.





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