When the shit hits the fan…

I thought, perhaps, things would be okay Wednesday morning when they wheeled my beloved into surgery. I knew she would come out of it because that’s just too cruel to take her away from me now. I knew fate was on my side, if just this once. So, imagine my surprise when her waking up was the last good thing for over 24 hours.

Apparently her surgeon had to shave more bone from her joint than he imagined, he also had to give her more anesthesia and more pain medicine in the operating room. Since her insurance wasn’t willing to pay for a pain pump to administer morphine at home, he decided to keep her over night so she could get over the worse of it.

Since I had to be with her, I called into work and got Thursday off as well. They seemed fine and the temp girl was alright with covering for me for another day. I arranged for Monster to stay with my parents and had the hospital staff send up a cot. We went into this thinking it’d be a night and we’d be out of there by 10 the next morning.

Welp… Fil couldn’t pee. They had to cath her three times, give her special bladder stimulating medicine and we walked all over the hospital. So we ended up staying two nights.

Which wasn’t a problem.

Because I got a phone call on Thursday from the temp agency informing me of my sudden severence from NYL.

You read that right, I LOST MY JOB.

And not because of something I did. They had no problem with me taking Thursday off. The temp agency had no problem with it either. They simply stated that my position was “no longer needed”. I think they filled it with someone who could do data entry as well as being a receptionist.


Suffice to say, we don’t have rent and I’m scrambling to find a job before the end of the month.


3 Responses to “When the shit hits the fan…”

  1. 1 scarredbellybutton 21 July 2009 at 7.27 am

    Oh fuck. I hope a new job comes up.

  2. 2 jay 22 July 2009 at 6.06 am

    me too! and hope Fil gets better ASAP!

  3. 3 halfadozen 24 July 2009 at 2.02 pm

    Aww I am so sorry. That is awful about losing your job. I hope Fil’s recovery is speedy…

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