This novel was extremely good. There was a lot of Jewish law and scripture written into it, which was a bit difficult (on top of navigating the sometimes unexplained Hebrew words) but that was alright. It took me a while to get through simply because I was dealing with working a the Firm, which never allowed me much down time to read. It was worth it because I’m totally hooked on the series. Not to mention, I’m doing a little education on Torah and Talmud. It never hurts to know.

Loved it! Surprisingly enough, I’m not really into science fiction like I’m into historical fiction. I was wary about this book, because it started off rocky. But the reviews are correct, you really can’t get enough after you’ve gotten into it. I can’t wait to track down more from the series.

I love Tracy Chevalier, but I was disappointed with the last novel I read of hers, that being Falling Angels. Was desperate for something to redeem her, and this book definitely did that. It was so ensconcing I was sad when I reached the end, wishing she had gone further into the lives of the characters. She did an amazing job with William Blake, I believe. He was quite mad and she captured that magnificently.

Like the first book in the trilogy, this one had a lot of scripture and Jewish law. All of which I found highly fascinating. Since I was able to devote more time to reading, I tore through it very fast, despite its length. The third book about the final sister, comes out in August. I can’t wait.

  • The Grand Tour- Patricia C. Wrede & Caroline Stevermer (finished June 05, 2009)

This is the second novel by the duo, the first being about the same two characters. This one is much more mysterious, although I find I liked the previous novel a bit more for the fact that they were separated and figuring out the mystery via letters, rather than simply journaling it. It’s still very good!

I had some serious doubts about this book going into it. It read like Jane Eyre which I found incredibly difficult to mull through in school. Not that the plot of the afformentioned book was bad, it’s just the writing style I found hard to swallow. So, when The Magicians followed that pattern, I got worried. However (and you knew that was coming) I was pleasently surprised. By the second part of the book I was so utterly enthralled it became a mental war between reading and sleeping. I loved it and can’t wait for the second installment.

I read AAR’s first novel In the Forests of the Night not too long after it came out. I was very young, and was so impressed with AAR’s talent (she was only 13) that I sort of became infatuated. But it quickly burned off when I had trouble locating the second book (Demon in My View) and moved onto much bigger authors. It wasn’t until recently when I got Fil into reading the series that I picked this up at the library for her, and spent 3 hours at work reading it. It’s only 227 pages, so it goes very fast. It’s a very good story, but you have to start from the beginning or you get severely lost. I have to admit, however, that it does read like a much younger person wrote it.

The Rejects:

This book is TERRIBLE! Don’t read it. It’s not historical fiction with a bit of vampires thrown it. It’s smut, poorly written, awkward and uncomfortable smut.

It rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t know why but I couldn’t bring myself to get past the first two chapters. Oh well.

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  1. 1 Melissa 8 September 2009 at 2.19 pm

    Hi there! Saw you posted on my blog. Nice to meet you :) Love your book list. If you haven’t read it it you need to read the Hunger Games!

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