May 7, 1979: Fil is born in Michigan.

December 6, 1988: Att is born in Texas.

March 20, 1998: Monster is born.

April 12, 2003: Fil and Att meet in an online chatroom. Sparks fly, galaxies collide. Att’s knees go weak and Fil suddenly becomes the center of her universe (with Monster, of course).

April 14, 2003: Fil asks Att to be hers, and their story begins, in full.

Sometime in 2004: Fil and Att decide to take a break for Att to have the “high school experience”. Both parties are devestated, but act cool and collected.

May, 2006 (before summer vacation): Fil and Att rekindle the flame that never really went out. Fil has a crazy schedule working in a hospital. They rarely speak.

Fall Semester, 2006: Fil and Att start talking in earnest, long phone calls almost every night.

December 6, 2006: Att turns 18, finally.

January 2007: Fil promises Att to visit for Valentine’s Day.

January 17, 2007: Fil calls Att at 3:00 in the morning and tells her to check her e-mail. There’s a message from Fil with the line “will you marry me?” and attached pictures of a stunning diamond engagement ring. Att cries and says yes.

February 2007: Fil loses her job, and is soon kicked out of her apartment by her roommate. Having no where to go, Fil decideds to move to Texas, to Att.

February 28, 2007: Fil rolls into Texas smelling like Arkansas (which smells bad). It is still the sweetest smell Att’s ever smelled. Monster instantly adores her. Att’s dogs, A and Z, immediately fall in love with Fil and her leather coat. Att has her first kiss on her parents’ balcony. Michael is concieved (you think I’m kidding) that night.

March 20, 2007: Monster turns 9. He’s still pretty cute.

April 2007: Att miscarries and spends the next month bleeding and miserable.

April 14, 2007: Fil and Att’s 4th anniversary. The evening is spent cuddling in bed.

May 25, 2007: Att graduates. HOORAY!

May 7, 2007: Fil turns 28.

Summer 2007: Att hosts “school” for niece Big B and Monster. She goes to Europe for 10 days, everyone is devistated, Fil realises they can never leave each other.

July 27, 2009: Att begins this journal.

End of July/Start of August 2007: Fil, Att, Monster, Nk, Mt, Big B and womb-bound Baby B move into a 3 bedroom trailer.

August 21, 2007: WonderSperm, Fil’s cousin and their amazing sperm donor calls and says he has The Syph. This is just days before he is supposed to fly in and donate for them.

August 28, 2007: WonderSperm confirms that he has HIV. We are heart broken. Poor WS!

Fall Semester 2007: Att goes to college. Fil continues her night job. They barely see each other. Monster starts 4th grade. Att feels very old (what with an almost 10 year old) and very young (sitting with the much older mom’s waiting to pick up their kids) at the same time. It’s a conundrum.

November 15, 2007: Att gets in her first car accident and the beloved Siggy bites the dust.

November 25, 2007: A co-worker of Fil’s offers to donate.

December 01, 2007: Previously mentioned co-worker is “fired” from being our donor for having a skeevy girlfriend and being creepy in general.

December 6, 2007: Att turns 19.

December 16, 2007: Fil subluxes her shoulder at work. Thank god for workmen’s comp.

February 14, 2008: The extended family’s newest edition, Baby B, joins the show.

March 7, 2008: Fil has her shoulder surgery.

March 20, 2008: Monster turns 10. Att and Fil experience deep feelings of saddness that he’s no longer a single digit baby.

April 14, 2008: Fil and Att celebrate their 5th anniversary with kisses and hugs.

May 7, 2008: Fil turns 29.

May 15, 2008: Fil, Att and Monster move into their own apartment. Joy ensues.

Summer 2008: Fil gets sick with double eye and ear infections, a sinus infection, strep and bronchitis.

August 30, 2008: Fil, Att and Monster irresponsibly adopt the newest member of the family, Isis (Spicy), a 1 month old kitten with big orange eyes. Their older cat, Nefertiti (Nefi) promptly attempts to stuff the tiny fuzz ball into her mouth. They think it’s the Siamese in her.

August 21, 2008: Fil has sudden sharp pains in her abdomen, which Att diagnoses as apendicitis. Att convinces Fil to go to the ER, where they identify kidney stones and send her home with pain medicine and antibiotics.

August 23, 2008: I get my first tattoo, Fil gets a matching one. 

October 8, 2008: Fil has a cystoscopy (viewing the bladder via a scope) where they took a peek at her ureters as well. The urologist finds a 3 inch tumor in her bladder and removes it. Further testing reveals its malignancy. Fil is diagnosed with Stage 0 bladder cancer.

December 15, 2008: Att gets a part time position at her father’s firm, which is good, since Fil is no longer working.

January 31, 2009: Fil’s jaw pops out, starting a very long journey, again.

February 5-7, 2009: We scramble to San Antonio where the quacks at the UT Dental School there tell us it’s her brain. Obviously, they’re crazy.

February 11-18, 2009: Lovely Mother-in-Law, Fil’s mother, flies down from Michigan for a long visit. It is wonderful to meet her.

March 20, 2009: Monster turns 11.

April 2009: Monster is accepted to an awesome science school. Ripples of excitement spread through the family. Fil is also green lighted for her jaw surgery!

April 14, 2009: Fil and Att celebrate their 6th anniversary like last year, with a kiss and a hug.

March – May 2009: Att searches frantically for a full time job, dipping into all her family resources.

May 6, 2009: Att has her first independant job interview ever.

May 7, 2009: Fil turns the big 3-0.

May 27, 2009: Att starts her new job (a temp position) as the receptionist for New York Life.

July 15, 2009: Fil gets her long anticipated jaw surgery. There are a few complications that result in a two night hospital stay.

July 17,2009: Att loses her job at NYL and starts the emotionally draining process of finding a new job.

August 31, 2009: Att gets a new job! A real job! An awesome job!

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