My family can get a little complicated. I talk about a lot of people here, and they all have different code names and faces. Here’s where you can sort out the confusion.

Att: Me, your wonderful blogger. I’m a violinist, writer and a very devoted wife and mother.

Fil: My lovely wife who is being put through some rough waters with her health.¬†She’s a guitarist, a gamer and a goofball.

Monster: Our son, who will turn 11 waaaay too soon. He’s so very smart and has a wonderful sense of humor. He does have ADHD but we’re currently in the process of managing it with his doctors. He likes Star Wars, video games and pirates.

Nk and Mt: We used to live with these two. Nk is Fil’s best friend from childhood and Mt is her fiance. They also happen to be our goddaughters parents.

Big B: The older of our two goddaughters at 7 years old. She’s a sweetheart and crazy smart. She likes Littlest Pet Shop, Disney princess and playing the Wii.

Baby B: Our little goddaughter. She just turned 1 year old on Valentine’s Day 2009. She’s a big goof and the sweetest baby in the world. Perhaps I’m biased. She likes blocky things, things she can push around and things that make noises.

Mom & Dad: My parents, more easily referred to as “mom” and “dad” than assigning a special nickname.

LMIL: Fil’s mom who just visited for a week from Michigan. I’m still recovering.

LLB: My long lost brother, aka Fil’s brother who is moving here from Michigan.

JM: Monster’s best friend who occasionally visits and causes momentary heart failure for both Fil and myself.

WonderLee (WL): My primary care physician (PCP) who is incredibly wonderful and probably thinks I’m a hypochondriac because of the number of visits in the past few years.

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